amandaForSite2Justin and I were married on August 6th, 2016. Three days after we were married we would be heading on our honeymoon to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic to enjoy our grand prize; an all-inclusive honeymoon at Barcelo Bavaro Palace, all thanks to Bridal Confidential, Transat and Travel Agents in Action. Our flight was leaving early Tuesday morning, so we dropped our two dogs off at my parents Monday and we headed to Toronto. We were so excited to leave that we didn’t even care that we were up before the sun to catch our flight.

When we arrived at the resort they welcomed us with a cocktail and because we had arrived earlier than expected we had to wait for our room to become available. Instead of having us wait at the front desk they told us we were free to check out the resort and enjoy some food. We went to one of the buffets that were on the resort and enjoyed another drink and some very delicious food.

The following day we went and signed up for some excursions to enjoy while we were there. We wanted our honeymoon to be a mixture of relaxation and adventure; and that’s exactly what we did. We enjoyed during our week a couple days of relaxing by the pools one in which included a swim up bar, on the beach soaking up the sun and relaxing on the water on a two person catamaran. We then spent a couple days doing some very fun outings. Our first excursion was dune buggies, followed by zip lining the day after and then a couple days before we came home we did a tour that included snorkeling, snuba (which is similar to scuba however instead of carrying an air tank on your back your mask is connected to a small blow up boat at the top of the water), and driving speed boats.

At night we enjoyed some fine dining, including a Japanese restaurant in which they cooked the food right in front of you as well as a Seafood restaurant that gave you the biggest lobster I had ever seen. We played pool, enjoyed the disco, as well as tested our luck at the casino. The resort also had many performances in the theatre; one performance we watched was similar to a circus in that it had acrobats and people swinging from the rooftop. We met some great people on the trip and the staff were all very helpful and friendly. The whole week was incredible and will never be forgotten!

Bridal Confidential made this all possible for us and we cannot thank them enough for this wonderful experience! As well as a huge thank you to Transat & Agents in Action who provided us with this trip and answering my questions the night before we left for the trip; all to ensure everything went smoothly for us! Thank you again!